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We make artistic research and development at the service of an ecological transition. Further that collaborating, we co-imagine, co-create, co-organize, co-facilitate, coordinate. Let’s creatively re-connected. Let’s explore our minds and our bodies. Let’s be emotional. Let’s make with the multidisciplinary approaches. 


Co-create   CO-CREATE

Initiation, activation.

Co-facilitate  CO-FACILITATE

Facilitation of interactions, demonstrations, workshops, events.

Co-host  CO-HOST

Determine and set a space, a location. 

 Co-organize   CO-ORGANIZE

Coordination of community, group, team. 



2021  United Fashion Festival, MAD, Brussels

         Repair Future, Hoog Catharijna, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2020  Unfinished, Melkfabriek, Arnhem, The Netherlands



2021  Panel discussion about education, Fashion Revolution France, en ligne

          Needlework in times of crisis, Feminische Handwerk Partij, Atria, Amsterdam

2019   Raising awareness and changing of behavior, Forum Météo Climat, Paris


Interview, press


Ode aan mode: ‘Een brief schrijven naar je favoriete kledingstuk schenkt mooie inzichten’ by Lotte Philipsen, Knack Weekend, 23 avril 2021

Mending Garments by Nina Lenke, personal blog, avril 2020

Visible Mending by Carley Lake, Thoughful Flamingo, may 2020



Mending workshop teacher, Les Récoupettes, Utopia 

Who is behind We made together?

Lucie Chaptal

After studies in art & crafts at the Ecole Boulle and in Fashion Design in Brussels, Lucie Chaptal has experience in a company such as the Crazy Horse Paris, Iris Van Herpen. She learned to value quality over quantity, collective work, diversity of methods. The context of the ecological crisis brought her doubts and questions.


In the search of meaning, she discovered alternatives that she explored in the master’s program called ‘Practice Held In Common’ in the Netherlands. She became a facilitator, a passionate mender, a performer, and a climate activist. Inside We Made Together, she shares her curiosity, playfulness, openness, and creativity.